The Adopt-a-Staff program is designed to minister to the needs of Advent staff who live with the teens in our residential recovery homes. It can be a tough job living with, and caring for the needs of, wounded, abused and angry teens in recovery. Many of our counselors come from other states and do not have family or friends in the area to go to for support. They often crave time with adults, or look for quiet places to relax and "get away" on their days off.

By adopting a staff member, you help them to better cope with the daily stresses encountered in their often-unpredictable environment - and refreshed staff are better able to serve the hurting teens in our program.

There are many to care for our staff. Here are a few ideas:

  • Call occasionally to say hello and see how they are doing.

  • Pray for them.

  • Invite them to join your family for dinner.

  • Invite them to holiday celebrations.

  • Invite them to church or on a family outing.

  • Provide a room for them to use on their days off.

  • Open your home as a place to relax on their daily three-hour breaks.

  • Send encouraging notes to see them through tough times.

  • Send "care packages" - snacks, toiletries, etc.

    Your support blesses our staff - and makes their Mama happy that someone is looking after them while they are so far away from home!

    For more information, email us or call Dave Moretti at 408-281-0708.